Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to "Look Like a Local" in Top American Cities

Do you often strive to "look like a local" when you are traveling? Maybe you don't want to be targeted by pickpockets who prey on tourists. Maybe you just. cant. stand. to be seen as one of "those people." Whatever your reason for wanting to dress like a local, our friends from the Orbitz Travel Blog have created this hilarious little graphic: [Do you think the photo is true about Chicago locals?]

That was funny, wasn't it? Before you pack your suitcase for your adventure as a "not tourist," remember to make your Midway Airport Parking reservation with Airways Parking Chicago!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

5 "Must See" Travel Destinations for 2015

We are halfway through the first month of 2015, and if you haven't started planning your vacations for this year, you should probably start! Flight options from Chicago's Midway Airport are continually increasing, and choosing a destination can be quite time consuming! To start your 2015 off right, we have a list of the top five "must see" travel destinations for 2015:

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy certainly isn't a new, or even an up-and-coming destination, so why does it make our top five for places to travel from Chicago in 2015? This year, Milan is hosting a 2015 expo on "the future of food" that will draw over 20 million visitors! This expo brings along with it tons of new architecture unique to Milan and hundreds of cuisines from across the world. 


As if you needed a reason to visit Singapore in the first place, this year, the country will celebrate its 50th year of independence with parades and merry making all year. The country is extremely safe and the urban areas are shockingly clean. Tourists can enjoy wide expanses of green spaces, cultural heritage, a national art museum, and world-class hotels and dining.


Most people have never even heard of this Middle Eastern country, located right next to the United Arab Emirates. Have you always wanted to travel to the Middle East and experience the culture and cuisine of this mysterious world? Oman is the safest Middle Eastern country in 2015 and is a highly anticipated destination to visit this year. 

Durham, North Carolina

8 hour flights and international border crossings not your idea of fun? Durham, N.C. is a lot closer to home and just as interesting as overseas destinations! Durham is boasting all the latest cuisine innovations, from fair-trade coffee shops and micro-breweries, to the best local diners you can find. This year, Durham is debuting a "tree house" hotel, where guests will stay some 20 feet above the ground.

Dominican Republic

If you are okay with a shorter flight [under 4 hours from most USA cities], but still want to visit an exotic destination, the Dominican Republic may be just right for you! Instead of visiting the "usual" high-tourist areas of the Dominican Republic, consider visiting the country's pristine northern shore. The north shore will have much less traffic and the beaches and hotels are a far cry away from "ordinary."

Before embarking on your 2015 trip of the year, don't forget to make your online parking reservation with Airways Parking Chicago. We want to ensure that your Midway International Airport flight experience is a smooth as possible by ensuring we get you to your gate on time so you don't have to worry about airport parking!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Travel Tips

Even though you may live in blustery Chicago, you are still going to have to deal with weather and crowds when traveling home for the holidays. Whether you are traveling for a holiday cruise, exotic vacation, or flying home from Midway International Airport for family festivities, it is important to remember that millions of other Americans are going to be doing the same exact thing this winter! In addition, it always seems that poor weather conditions show up around holiday travel time! What luck.

Don't let long car rides, cramped airplanes, invasive security, or bad weather get you down; You are going on a relaxing cruise or traveling to visit your beloved family back home! Regardless of your plans, you will be thankful for our winter holiday travel tips:
  1. Plan ahead and do your research. Driving to your destination? Research alternate travel routes ahead of time in case major traffic blocks the interstate. Depending on where you are driving from, you may be able to find some fun mini-destinations such as National Parks to visit on your way! Flying? Make sure you check your airlines baggage restrictions ahead of time to avoid stress on the day of your flight.
  2. Pack accordingly. Packing light during winter travel is always suggested. If you can get away with just a carry on, that would be even better! This way, you won't have to worry about your luggage getting lost in transit. If you do check your bags, make sure that you pack at least two pairs of extra clothes, your phone charger, and whatever necessities you may need in your carry on just in case. 
  3. Pack earplugs. Sure popping in headphones and listening to music is often a great way to zone out at a busy airport or loud car ride, but sometimes a person just needs silence! These little lifesavers can also ensure you get a few hours of shuteye before arriving at your destination.
  4. Reserve your parking in advance. Since you and millions of people will be traveling this winter season, it is important to reserve your Chicago Airport Parking in advance! Reserving ahead with Airways Parking will often save you money, and certainly saves you the stress of searching for a spot last minute.
  5. Travel early or late in the day. Do you really want to beat the rush? Traveling during hours when most people want to be asleep can save you a whole lot of hassle since the roads will be less busy and the airports less crowded. 
  6. Eat well and stay hydrated. This may seem like a simple tip, but it is often overlooked, as travelers rush to pack the car, struggle to read the GPS or fight with TSA about their luggage. Drinking water and eating regularly timed meals and snacks will make you feel oh so much better when you arrive at your final destination. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chicago Holiday Travel 2014

Done shopping? Now it's time to plan your Holiday travel! According to the AAA, 2014 is going to be the busiest travel year since 2007, with over 94.5 million American's taking a trip for the December Holidays. WHAT?! In addition, air travel is also going to be up by at least 3.6 million people since 2007 as well, meaning more people are going to be looking for Midway Airport Parking. People are expected to spend an average of $575 on their travels this holiday season.

By parking your car with Airways Parking, you will save money on your Chicago Airport Parking, so more of your $575 can be used doing the things that you want to do! In addition to offering cheap airport parking at MDW, Airways Parking  is proud to offer:

·                       Free online reservations [save even more money and time by booking online]
·         Complementary shuttle service 
·         Short 5 minute ride to the airport [let us deal with MDW traffic while you relax]
·         Covered and open air park options
·         Open 24/7
·         Complementary luggage handling
·         Discounted prices!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best and Worst Airports in 2014

It is no secret that airport travel can be stressful! Thankfully, Chicago Midway Airport doesn't fall on the "worst" list! Make your online reservation with Airways Parking and see how stress-free travel can be! By comparing the percentage of positive and negative tweets about each airport, these are rankings, ordered from best to worst:

  1. Orlando International, Florida (MCO)
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)
  3. Miami International, Florida (MIA)
  4. Minneapolis-St. Paul International, Minnesota (MSP)
  5. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (DFW)
  6. San Francisco International, California (SFO)
  7. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County, Michigan (DTW)
  8. Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta, Georgia (ATL)
  9. Charlotte Douglas International, North Carolina (CLT)
  10. Los Angeles International, California (LAX)
  11. John F. Kennedy, New York, New York (JFK)
  12. Boston International, Massachusetts (BOS)
  13. Denver International, Colorado (DEN)
  14. Phoenix International, Arizona (PHX)
  15. Seattle-Tacoma International, Washington (SEA)
  16. Newark International, New Jersey (EWR)
  17. Chicago O'Hare, Illinois (ORD)
  18. LaGuardia, New York, New York (LGA)
  19. George Bush International, Houston, Texas (IAH)
  20. Philadelphia International, Pennsylvania (PHL)
  1. La Guardia International, New York (LGA)
  2. Los Angeles International, California (LAX)
  3. Honolulu International, Hawaii (HNL)
  4. Newark Liberty International, New Jersey (EWR)
  5. John F. Kennedy International, New York (JFK)
  6. Philadelphia International, Pennsylvania (PHL)
  7. Miami International, Florida (MIA)
  8. Cancun International, Mexico ()
  9. Las Vegas McCarran International, Nevada (LAS)
  10. Washington Dulles International, D.C. (IAD)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Off-Airport Parking?

Doesn't it always seem like Midway Airport never seems to have enough parking spaces? The lots are always full, and the traffic is always heavy! Did you know that although off-airport parking is usually a brief drive from the airport, the lots are more manageable and you can reserve your parking online in advance to ensure that you have a spot! If you would like to reserve your Airways Parking online, please visit our website! 

These off-site airport parking companies such as Airways Parking are usually private family owned businesses. All things considered, they can usually offer you a better deal all around than on-site airport parking. By parking a few blocks away from Midway International Airport, you can save tons of money!

Unfortunately, drivers tend to avoid off-site parking companies, falsely assuming that it will take extra time to catch a shuttle to Midway Airport. But have you ever been stuck in MDW airport traffic for what seems like forever? Why not just pay a little less and get to the airport faster?! That's right! Save money AND arrive at MDW stress free!  

You want to know what else? When parking with off-site parking companies, you almost never pay more than the airport! Indeed, off-site parking companies generally charge at least 25%-50% less than the local airport!

Unlike the airport where you are left to your own devices, off-airport parking services will help you with your luggage and give you a complementary shuttle ride where you can just sit back and relax. Some off-site parking companies even do minimal car maintenance while you are away!

Making your FREE online reservation for Midway Airport Parking with Airways Parking will ensure your surprisingly stress free Chicago Airport Parking experience! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cheap Chicago Midway Airport Parking

We get it, MDW Airport parking rates are expensive and that is stressful!

Next time you fly out of Midway International Airport MDW, leave your car with Airways Parking and pay cheap Midway Airport Parking rates. When you park with us, you save up to 50% off of Midway Airport’s exorbitant daily parking price of $32.00 per day! Our cheap Midway Airport parking rates include luggage assistance, complementary shuttle service, and secure parking.

Whether it is for one day or long term parking, Airways Parking has been saving travelers' money on MDW Airport Parking for more than 25 years! Chicago Airport Parking reservations are always recommended, but not required! We are proud to offer FREE online reservations! 

Check out our cheap Midway Airport Parking rates:

Outdoor Parking – All Inclusive

$16.00 Daily Standard Rate. 
$13.00 Daily Special Rate. 
(Save 19% with online reservation or coupon)

Includes City Tax (18% / 20%) & 
County Tax (6%)
*Holiday blackout dates may apply

Indoor Parking – All Inclusive

$22.00 Daily Standard Rate. 

Includes City Tax (18% / 20%) & 
County Tax (6%)
*Indoor Parking is limited.